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What is Calendar Marketing?

Calendar marketing represents a transformative approach in the landscape of digital marketing, delivering unparalleled engagement and personalised communication for event based content directly into the hands of users via their personal digital calendars.

It's Origins

Did you know the first direct to calendar application was developed back in 2004? With the advancements in standard protocols like webcal / caldav in around 2007, this opened the opportunity for dynamic communications into calendar.


The use of calendar marketing is highly prevalent in the sports and entertainment sectors, but has made its way into many other industries such as ticketing, media, education, training, conferences, banking and payments.

Key Success Metrics

Calendar marketing performance is greater than traditional marketing channels like email, SMS, display and even social, for event based communications. Awareness if 5x greater than email, with very high levels of engagement and sales conversion.

The Future

The future outlook for calendar marketing is bright indeed, with AI powered personalisation coming to market, and enhanced data and insights capabilities. With continued adoption and validation across sector, calendar marketing is set to become a key pillar in any marketer's digital playbook.
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Did you know that over 70% of adults rely on their digital calendar most to manage their life? Everyone knows a Busy Steve, right?
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